The Three Kings: Starseeds from Orion


We are made up of the stuff of stars. It seems like a common expression reiterated by Physicists and spiritual leaders alike, but it is a truly inspirational forethought to think that we are part of the cosmic design and that we have a part of the heavens within in; to know that in the advent of quantum physics that we share the same carbon elements of these celestial bodies at our most subatomic level. That is the constant oscillations of wavelengths and frequencies of the ethers that we are a part of this influx. It is as Eckart Tolle has noted, “Who knows, you might come to recognize that you are Jupiter,” a great sleeping giant waiting to be awakened to who you truly are.

What is even more remarkable in the avant-garde of modern-day astrophysics is the convergence points between modern physics and spirituality and ostensibly on all levels of being that we are every bit as multi-dimensional as the universe itself. This is seen on the smallest level of being, in quanta, where the world is composed of the most microscopic of strings, with string and m-theory respectively asserting that we live in a reality comprised of some ten to twenty-six higher dimensions that are outside of what we can readily as of yet discern. Astrophysics takes the microscopic landscape and inserts it within the frameworks of the macroscopic in recent models of a theoretical multiverse ranging from the typically understood inflationary system, to much more elaborate designs such as that of the holographic and quantum multiverses. Here it would seem that the second hermetic law of correspondence along with the cosmological constant and principle hold true and consistent through and through.

In this article, we will be examining a burgeoning spiritual and theological conceptualization that has emerged in the last several decades that further positions us within this multi-dimensional world. This investigation will look at the trending belief in what is referred to as the age of ascension into the golden age of ascension as it relates to this matter. This vantage point will prove essential for a better understanding of what a Starseed is, and a rudimentary definition of what that is will be given to meet this means to an end. Once this has been established, we will inspect a group of Orion Starseeds by detailing what they are, as well as that of the location in the cosmos, their characteristics and traits, mission and purpose here on earth, and that of their physical features and appearance.


While Astrophysicists have been arguing that we live in a world of tiny strings and membranes consisting of multiple dimensions of space and dimensions, spiritual communities are asserting essentially the same thing in terms of consciousness. It is interesting to note that a universe is created by strong and weak nuclear forces, as well as radioactivity and gamma waves, which were the very elements that we were experimenting with in the wake of the 1940s. Is it at all possible that we gave rise to this theoretical multiverse landscape as a result of said experimentation as kinds of co-creators of the world around us?

Albeit a metaphysical inquiry, this is exactly the type of question that this movement would look at, especially that of the fact that we are co-creators of the world around us. What new-age spiritualism is arguing in direct relationship to modern physics is that we are witnessing a quantum shift in consciousness. That in a way that is very idiosyncratic with string theory and its higher dimensions, that there we are evolving from a three-dimensional consciousness to five dimensions and higher; that as the universe we are multi-dimensional beings. What is also subtly implied is that an evolution of consciousness is that of evolution of spirit, as seems to be echoed in the observation of Sir Eckart Tolle, in that, “Evolve or die.” This includes being more conscious of the materials one digests, and a process of raising one’s vibrations to elated states of being from those of base level and primal sensations such as that of anger, fear, and guilt, to those of higher frequencies along the lines of joy, bliss, peace, love, and happiness. One such exemplification of this is losing oneself in the activities that they love doing. The thought here is that as this process occurs in the individual, it allows for it to take place in the level of the collective, as well as that of a planetary and even cosmic level.

It is within this pedagogy that the concept of Starseeds is derived from. What we find is that it is one whose etymology has evolved from the discoveries of Dolores Cannon and Lee Carrol. As far back as the late 1980s, Cannon in her work as a hypnotherapist specializing in past-life regression was that of a new wave of children that she named star children that carried with them a unique auric field and psychological makeup that was yet to be encountered. Carroll went on to build off her work in a number of books, such as that of, “The Indigo Child,” which referenced the different types in the indigo, crystal, and rainbow children.

Now, a Starseed speaks to a conceptualization that blends the idea of incarnation and life existing in the multiverse together harmoniously. The premise here is that if both of these phenomena can be observed, that is life in the multiverse and reincarnation, this process would not be one that was subjected to earth alone. More specifically, a Starseed refers to an advanced otherworldly being that has reincarnated from varying planets, galaxies, universes, realms, and dimensions to help us during this exciting time of ascension into higher states of being. They bring with them their ancient knowledge, insights, and wisdom as well as the vibrations and frequencies of their homeworld to act as guides during this process and transition into the golden age of light. That is to say that Starseeds assist in helping the collective consciousness awaken to their spiritual truths.

What we see in the case of the Orion is that they are unique in their own right, in that they diverge from the narrative in what is common from some of the more common Starseeds along with the likes of the Pleiadians, Sirians, Arcturian, amongst many others. This is found in the way that unlike those previously mentioned, although spiritually advanced, at least in stark juxtaposition to us, they still operate within the confines of dualistic thinking as part of their involvement with us. Additionally, what we see in their case is that, while technologically superior, creating for many advanced societies, these tools were being leveraged in order to control being’s thoughts, emotions, and spiritual aspects as well. This elicited disillusionment from being placed in tight constraints and cyclic trauma and dogma cycles that it led to a strong desire to leave their reincarnation cycles. While many overcame this by choosing to reincarnate here on earth to assist us in this process of ascension and spiritual awakening, their traumas are still felt by many. They are here at this time because they, like many other Starseed groups, have agreed to help the people of Earth in this evolutionary journey in consciousness and connecting with the universe and source energy, by acting as guides in order to do so.

As with most other Starseeds, Orion’s name stems from their homeworld. Arguably one of the most well-known objects and asterism in the sky, these beings hail from the constellation Orion, and more specifically that of Orion’s Belt, which has also gone by the name of the Three Kings, or the Three Sisters. The constellation is comprised of just three bright stars in that Alnitak, Alnilam, and Mintaka. The belt of Orion can be found at our celestial equator, in one of the most dominant astrological patterns in our northern sky. It appears next to Taurus, Eridanus, Lepus, Monoceros, and Gemini covering a total of some 594 degrees. As part of Greek Mythology, Orion told the story of an overly ambitious and arrogant hunter that was a tamer of wild animals, but that ultimately was out bested by a scorpion.


Below are listed some of the common characteristics and traits associated with Orion Starseeds, and the odds are that if you find yourself reading this article and resonating with the words therewith that you probably are as well:

Ø Insatiable desire to learn and for knowledge

Ø Very logical with a tendency to analyze and dissect all forms of information

Ø Stubborn

Ø Cling to their beliefs and opinions and do not change them easily

Ø Are experts in a vast arrange of different topics

Ø Need to have things proved to them in order to change their thoughts on an issue

Ø Have a dark sense of humor

Ø React to emotions from the operations of the mind

Ø Perfectionists

Ø Need time alone to recharge

Ø Like healthy competition

Ø Have a good handle over their will power and sense of self discipline

Ø Can appear cold and stoic

Ø May appear self-centered and egoic

Ø Polarized and dualistic in thinking

Ø Strong Manifestos

Ø Struggle in their love lives

Ø Love and fight for their independence

Ø Make great Entrepreneurs

Ø Kind and compassionate

Ø Highly intellectual in the area of physics


What we find in the case of the Orion in terms of their physical appearance is that it varies greatly, especially because they are another exemplification of a sentient life form existing at a number of higher dimensions of reality. As in the case of most other sentient life forms, they can be described as humanoid in that they are bipedal, standing erect on two feet, with swinging arms much as we have. While they are known for their mesmerizing eyes, they also appear very reptilian as far as their other features are concerned, especially that of the rest of their appearance and facial features. In this way, they are very much like their Alpha Draconian, or Reptilian counterparts. Although, again, there is a sense of discrepancy depending on which dimension they operate within.




Aaron M. Weis is an online journalist, web content writer, and avid blogger who specializes in spirituality, science, and technology.

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Aaron M. Weis

Aaron M. Weis is an online journalist, web content writer, and avid blogger who specializes in spirituality, science, and technology.