Star Children: Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, and the Different Shades of the Universe

Over the last half-century or so, there has emerged a specialized discourse asit relates to the fields of Psychology, Philosophy, especially the ideologies surrounding what is being coined as new age spiritualism, supernatural phenomenon, and other far-reaching communities in the belief or observation of what is referred to as star children.

This thought-provoking dialog was brought to the public sphere and made possible through the findings of parapsychologist Nancy Anne Tapp, back in the early 1970’s. According to Tapp, her research led her to the discovery of a wave of children unlike she had ever worked with before; distinguishable by their unique auric signature and vibrational color which was of a unique shade of indigo that she had never seen before, and that typified an alternative and elated state of consciousness that had previously encountered, which she conveyed in an article through the New York Times. These revelations led to what Tapp defined as Indigo Children, and what would later branch out to become the three different categories of emerging Star Children.

In a serendipitous occurrence, Tapp’s work was further popularized as it became consistent with the literature being produced by Brad Steiger, such as his book entitled Star People, that was published in 1982, that made similar observations about a new wave of individuals, whom he believed had origins beyond our physical earth, and that these reincarnated souls from other planets and dimensions came to assist in healing, evolving, and rising planetary consciousness. In his work, Steiger also produced a brief quiz for his audience to assess whether or not they were one of these seemingly fabled individuals.

Twenty years latter, these ideas resurfaced yet again, in the collaborative effort of Lee Carroll and Jan Tober, whose didactic book, The Indigo Children, acted to further perpetuate these sentiments throughout our popular culture back in 1999, creating for a new subculture of spiritualism that made manifest the precepts at the core of new age spiritualism. What we see in, The Indigo Children, is a conversation between Carroll, who is a channeler, and that of Kryon, to whom Carroll reports is a spiritual entity that is speaking with him. Carroll and his wife Jan offer this dialog, in addition with observations and testimonies from multiple doctors, educators, and psychologists, who share findings to articulate this new age belief.

Even so, the curious reader may find themselves asking, what exactly is a Starseed? Or similarly still, Indigo Child? What is that? Essentially, star children, such as that of the indigo, crystal, and rainbow children, are incarnated souls who originated from all through the all encompassing universe, and made the decision to reincarnate on our three-dimensional earth plane to assist earth, and all of humanity. These individuals do so simply in being, resonating at their higher levels of frequency, vibration, and consciousness, and bringing with them a sense of peace, love, promoting drastic paradigm shifts, exposing and removing any corrupt systems in place, and using their innate abilities to allow for a collective, global, planetary, and ultimately cosmic shift in consciousness. From their insights, it is their overarching goal to aide in the process of Earth into higher dimensions and realms of consciousness, to a place of that is cohesive with the law of one, or the connection between all things.

Star children are advanced souls, and as such, that specifically chose their families prior to their births, based on the belief that those individuals would be best suited for helping them to develop their various gifts, talents, and abilities that would help them in preparing for their life mission or purpose, which is not to serve an individual means, or one of a family, or even of a community, but one that address this global concern, of bringing those areas that needed to be healed to our collective awareness, and ultimately in raising planetary consciousness. In this article, we will observe the different types of starseeds and their defining characteristics, the ultimate reference guide to, Star Children: Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, and the Different Shades of the Universe.

Indigo Children -

In the literature of these extraordinary individuals that we identify and categorize as star children, the first noticeable wave came in the form of the indigo children as noted by Tappe. Again, this identification came as a result of how these people are classified by their unique auric signature which is of a bright indigo color.

What should be noted here, is the way that this has a direct correlation with the Eastern beliefs concerning the various different chakras in the human body. More specifically, this particular indigo hue correlates with the sixth chakra, which is that of the pineal gland, or what is commonly referred to as the third eye; these individuals carry the resonance of the sixth chakra, and as such, have a highly active pineal gland, either because it remained decalcified beyond the teenage years, or because they consciously activate it on their own in adulthood — for this reason, they carry with the ability to see beyond illusions, as well as a propensity towards vision, clarity, truth, and are the sort of spiritual warriors, which is what the sixth chakra is concerned about.

The research done on the topic reveals that it was the emergence of these rare souls, that constituted with them a new and elevated sense of consciousness and awareness that was unlike anything that had been observed previously. This seemingly innate characteristic, amalgamated with their stubborn resilience towards authoritative figures and corrupt systems, lends itself to one of their most defining characteristic which is that of their acting as natural system busters. These are the individuals that through their resistance to the norm, or status quo, allow for complete paradigm shifts, by bringing to our awareness how intrinsically flawed they are, and the ways in which they don’t work.

Initially, it was the thought that this first category of star children made their appearance in the generation around 1978 leading up to the 90’s, although it is believed that there were those that came before this time, as far back as the 1900’s, and that there are those that are still being born as indigo children.

Nevertheless, another trait that ostensibly goes hand-and-hand with the indigo child, is that these are the individuals to whom are diagnosed with either ADD or ADHD in their vibrant youths, in an unfortunate reality where more and more children have become overmedicated in a culture that has removed creative and extracurricular courses that are more well suited to their abilities.

In the same way, indigo children are noted as being sensitive types on all levels; they are as sensitive to sensory perception, as they are to their physical bodies, emotions, as well as their psyche. The very same sensitive type that seeks solace in nature and that are drawn to animals, with their knowing that all things are connected.

Even though they may be immature, and act without care or forethought of consciousness, they are the individuals that we revere as old souls. They come with a sense of intuitiveness, demonstrating with them profound empirical experiences of intuition, such as frequent instances of precognition.

Because of their uniqueness, they often feel different, or out of place, as the round pegs, outcasts, or black sheep of their families, and communities at large. Despite these feelings, they still carry with them a strong sense of purpose, needed to live life of meaning, as opposed to simply existing and pursuing pecuniary means. And in most cases, they are right, because they are here to heal, and to raise global consciousness consciousness, by virtue of these characteristics.

This in no way concludes the list of qualities associated with the indigo child. The list of abilities includes, but is by no means limited to such attributes as being highly intelligent with high intelligence quotients, demonstrating a strong disposition of self-confidence and self-efficacy, as well as being strong-willed, stubborn, creative.

In addition, they are typified by having an insatiable desire to see a more fair and just world, as a type of Archangel Micheal incarnate, which is all the more amplified by their capacity for standing up and for what they believe in.

Their overarching goal is perhaps best illustrated in the observation made by Doreen Virtue in her statement in that, “They’re vigilant about cleaning the earth of social ills and corruption, and increasing integrity.” Similarly still, it could be viewed in the light of the affirmation, “I know I’m here for a purpose. I know that they way we treat each other and our earth is supposed to change. I’m tired of waiting. Let’s get on with it!”

Crystal Children -

The next category under examination comes in the case of the Crystal Children. More often than not, Crystal Children, also known as Sensitives, were the children of the Indigo’s, however, this is not always the case. As such, the category of Crystal Children is associated with the epoch of humankind beginning around the 1990’s, in the same manner that the Indigo’s are with the timespan of the 19070’s and 1980’s.

As this group of individuals has steadily increased over the last couple of decades, a rather fascinating picture has begin to emerge. Like their Indigo counterparts, there seems to be a direct correlation with the Crystal Child being diagnosed with a varying degree of autism, which has led to many questioning if their is in fact, a direct relationship with the growing number of children being born in what has appeared to be an Autism epidemic, and that of these remarkable human beings known as the Crystal Children, as if their hypersensitivity to sensory perception and stimuli is indicative of these Sensitives.

In stark juxtaposition to the Indigo Children, the Crystal Children received their name, not just from the color of the vibrational color or auric signature; although it has been observed as being that of a kind of octarine color that is a majestically florescent greenish-yellow purple that resides outside of our spectrum of light which is also associated with high levels of magic energy, which almost appears as if without color, and thus as if a crystal — no, it is also because of the way that it describes one of their more incredulous defining characteristics.

These individuals are likened to crystalline properties for they possess with them a remarkable ability to act like a mirror and reflect energy. Crystal Children take in those things that are important to them occurring in the cosmos, and reflect them. Not only that, but when this reflecting takes place, they do so in a way that the energy that was taken in is reflected stronger than when it was taken in. The energy is amplified so that it can come to conscious awareness.

This lends itself to the next defining traits of Crystal Children, which is one concerning consciousness. This is due to the way that the Crystal Children are of and born of the Gold Ray of Incarnation and Evolution, in the same way that the Indigo Children were of Indio Sour Ray of Incarnation and Evolution. In lay man’s terms, this describes the way that the Crystal Children possess strong psychic ability that correspond with the five senses known as the clairs of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairalience, clairgustance, and claircognizance; the clairs are the new programs that are essential for our ascension into higher dimensions of consciousness — as well as healing abilities across all levels of existence. Not only that, but it is in reference to the way that these individuals are of the sixth dimension, which grants them to easily access the ninth dimension of Christ or anointed consciousness, consisting of unconditional love, which they take with them to the realm of the thirteenth dimension, bringing it into universal consciousness.

And while we are on the topic, another note should be made as to how the Crystal Children operate as a kind of group consciousness. This is due to fact that these Crystal Children have their strong psychic abilities, including the ability read minds, and telepathy. It should be noted that this characteristics combined with how they are known for their delayed speech, which is in fact the result of their psychic prowess, lends itself to the way that it correlates with severe autism. Nevertheless, this is due to the way that operate from a level of group consciousness, as opposed to an individually oriented consciousness, as well as a belief in the law of one or that of global unity or consciousness. This characteristics combined with their heightened sensitivities allows them the ability to feel universal consciousness. Because of this, Crystal Children seem to flow with consciousness, rather than going against the grain in pursuit of material gain as is customary in the world that we live in today.

On a similar note, just like the Indigo children are of the sixth chakra, Crystals operate and function from the seventh or crown chakra, and as such, are very close to their divinity. In this regard, the website Soul Aligning notes in their article entitled, “Indigo Children, Crystal Children, Rainbow Children And Adults,” that, “Many of these souls are from soul groups/star families such as Nihal, Hadar, Arcturus, and Mintaka.” Bec

With the same propensity that she leveraged to define and categorize the Indigo, Doreen Virtue listed the attributes and abilities of Crystal Children in here book of a similar title in, The Crystal Children, where she notes the way that, They have all the same qualities as the indigos, but they don’t have the rebellious spark and vigor. they personify the empathic spirit of the Indigos, but it’s as if they exude love and are spreading compassion and acceptance.

As is alluded to in the previous statement, the Crystal Children are here to be the harbingers of peace and love, bringing in those frequencies and vibration here on Earth. According to Virtue, Crystal Children are easily distinguishable by virtue of their large luminous eyes, that at times can carry with them a penetrating gaze. Crystal Children to the trained psychologist would be classified as innately introverted. In the same way, they are gentle, kind, compassionate. They love to give hugs, and are highly emphatic souls, well-known for their highly forgiving nature. As a result of their sense of connectivity to all things, they do demonstrate difficulties with boundaries for this reason. It should also be noted that they struggle with negative events across the whole spectrum of human existence, becoming easily overwhelmed by them.

One could argue that the Indigo Children, as the rebellious system busters, came to break down the foundations of our previously accepted cultural, political, and societal paradigms, so that the Crystal Children could build anew atop of them with a foundation of the love and peace that they hope and long for.

Rainbow —

Finally, the latest category of star children comes in the form of the newly appearing Rainbow Children, which are of an even higher frequency and vibration than the previous two; although one group is not necessarily better, more important, or of more significance than the other. These are all truly incredible reincarnated beings. Still, not as much is known and is readily available about this particular category, because most in this category will still be in their youths, as they really did not start to crop up on earth until 2010, after the Crystal Children. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that they are like their predecessor’s in coming to Earth to help humanity evolve especially in terms of consciousness.

In the case of the Rainbow children, we see many similarities as in the two previous exemplifications. In this instance, Rainbow Children have been to the Crystal Children, and because of this, very few have reincarnated thus far, speaking to the previous fact. Although, there is one small difference here, in that, having come from higher dimensions of reality, without any previous incarnation on earth, they do not have the heavy burden or baggage of having to deal with karmic cycles that we generate from past lives lived here on earth. They are free in this sense to do as they see fit without this heavy limitation. These karmic cycles refer to the unresolved conflicts that we accumulate throughout our life experiences, which carry on into the afterlife.

As the reader might expect, their vibrational color is truly remarkable, consisting of all light frequencies, hence the name Rainbow Children. The main reason for this is due to the way that the energy of the rainbow soul is perfectly aligned with the eight chakra. A quick note on the eight chakra, which resides just outside the seven that are more commonly known; it is believed that there may be as many as 112 chakras throughout the human body, and that the chakras 8–12 correspond with the spiritual realm, and it could be viewed as the individuals halo. Even so, being of the eight chakra, the reason for this vibrational color, could be viewed from the perspective of a being that has balanced, centered, and essentially enlightened each of the seven base chakras, activating their energies and vibrations, thus lending itself to the eight chakra.

On a similar note, these high energy individuals carry with them the christ consciousness of the higher dimensions, of what can be viewed as the collective consciousness integrated with unconditional love. In this way, rainbow children remind us that Christ Consciousness is available to all of us, even those that do not necessarily believe in Jesus. Not only are Rainbow children of christ consciousness, but they acts as walking transmitters of this particular vibrational frequency.

These souls are rays of light not only to their families, but to their communities at large. Bearing a smile that is never wavering, these compassionate human beings, are oriented to a life that is in service to others, with ambitions and goals on the collective, and global level, as opposed to that of an individual level. While they share many of the same attributes as their Indigo and Crystal predecessors, Rainbows differ in their bravery, as they are seemingly fearless. Their high energy is often mistaken as hyperactivity, and they are drawn to bright vibrant colors. Equipped with all the psychic abilities as the Indigo and Crystal Children, Rainbow’s stick out in the degree of Empathy that they display. Think along the lines of the Empath from Star Trek. Rainbow children are also distinguishable in the way that they seem to be in a world of their own, just as they are in the capacity for manifestation; it is as if they believe they can manifest anything, and everything their hearts desire, and because of this they do, almost instantaneously.



Aaron M. Weis is an online journalist, web content writer, and avid blogger who specializes in spirituality, science, and technology.

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Aaron M. Weis

Aaron M. Weis is an online journalist, web content writer, and avid blogger who specializes in spirituality, science, and technology.