Hathor or Venusian Starseeds: The Greats One’s of Many Names

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This article will act as a didactic source that will examine the convergence points that are taking place at this time in two unlikely fields of modern science and spiritual philosophy. It will accomplish this by setting out to describe a new age spiritual movement known as the age of ascension into the golden age of light. From here, a rudimentary definition of what is commonly referred to as a Starseed will be provided in order to give the reader a better understanding of the scope of the article. Once this has been established, we will survey the group of Starseeds known as the Hathor, or the Venusians by taking a look at some of their defining characteristics, their cosmic address in the universe, their mission and purpose here on earth, as well as that of their traits and physical features.


Every so often, there comes a game-changing paradigm-shifting thought that completely revolutionizes the way that we view life. What we can readily perceive taking place within the backdrop of humanity's collective consciousness is one such conceptualization that blends both modern physics and new age spiritualism together in the most idiosyncratic and serendipitous of ways. This refers to what some circles are referring to as an age of ascension into a golden age of light.

What we can see from both of these theologies is that as sentient lifeforms we are every bit as multidimensional as the universe itself, and it is this very multidimensionality that exists on all levels of being. It shows that the second law of correspondence, the cosmological constant and principle hold consistently accurate through and through. The second hermetic law asserts that is above is the same as below. That is, the microscopic world is the same as the macroscopic. This is congruent with the scientific thought of the cosmological congruent in which, at large scales of the universe, we find that everything is homogenous and uniform. The formation of the atom is not too unlike that of a solar system by design.

Now, more than ever, we are seeing this in these parallelisms in scientific and spiritual expressions. What you look at ultimately looks back at you. A double-split experiment teaches us this and the presence of an observer. On the quantum or subatomic level, CERN’s particle accelerator in Switzerland is teaching us that at the smallest level of existence is the likes of a world made up of strings, bosons, quarks, Calabi-Yau manifolds, and a vast hierarch of higher dimensions and realms existing outside of our perception.

We find this in the case of the grander design of the reality that we live in. The heavens like us seemed to have always been evolving; the geocentric and other earlier models placed us at the center of the cosmos before Copernicus could offer us his schematics of what the ethers really were like, and it has always been this way as we contemplate or place in the omniverse. Even Einstein’s general and specifical theories of relativity gave us a more complicated way of expressing that we are the center by asserting that in an infinitely expanding inflationary universe, each point being relative is its own center. Essentially, every point is the center in such space. Nevertheless, recent models brought forth by the genius of Stephen Hawking, Brian Greene, Roger Penrose, and other leading astrophysicists suggest that we may be living in a multiverse. To date, there are some six or seven theories speaking to this narrative ranging from the more well-known inflationary and landscape to the more complex in the holographic and ultimate multiverses. Here, the homogeneity and uniformity between all things is more than evident.

For what seems the first time in human history, there has finally come a point where these two ideologies come together. We can see why this has been so difficult to accomplish with scientific achievements and endeavors always changing while those of the spiritual realm remain relatively fixed and constant. While models of the universe are ever-changing, Christians continue to go off the doctrine of Christ, and Buddhist tend to wait for the reincarnation of the Buddha, as they attempt to achieve enlightenment and nirvana.

Still, the impossible seems to have been achieved as new age spiritualism stipulates that everything is awareness and that it is this awareness, or consciousness that is multi-dimensional as well. On the most basic level, it maintains that consciousness is evolving at this time, which is really an evolution of spirit. The thought in these circles is that we are raising out from a three-dimensional consciousness, into five-dimensional consciousness and higher. Essentially, it is an age of spiritual awakening, unlike anything that we’ve ever encountered, putting the likes of the Age of Enlightenment to shame.

It echoes Nicola Tesla's sentiment in, “Everything is energy, frequency, and vibration.” This movement calls the individual to take it upon themselves to be present and still in the moment, and to make the conscious effort to change the material of their thoughts from those ranging from the more primal base feelings of fear, anger, and guilt that we are so dragged down by in order to survive to those that are more congruent to elated feelings of happiness, joy, peace, love, and the likes. In doing so, this allows us to raise our vibration and frequency, and in turn, this process can take place in the planetary grids, and even on a cosmic scale. The thought here is that as the individual heal themselves, the rest of the world around them does so. We see this in the sentiments brought forth by Eckart Tolle in his thoughts regarding new earth, and this New Earth is the five-dimensional landscape that is referred to.


From the frameworks of this pedagogy, we find the terminology of a Starseed. Its origins are found in the late works of Dolores Cannon and her discoveries in hypnotherapy and past-life regression. During her QHHT or Quantum Hypnotherapy Healing Technique therapy sessions, she found a group of individuals that carried with them an auric signature, unlike anything she had ever seen before, with this group typifying psychological features and spiritual gifts, unlike anything she had witnessed before. This group went on to become known as the star children, consisting of the Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbows. Lee Carrol would carry on her work in such feature novels as, “The Indigo Children.”

What we referred to as a Starseed is a complex idea that takes the idea of reincarnation and amalgamates it with the forethought of life existing out in the cosmos. If life should exist in the universe, and incarnation is a kind of observable universal law, then it would seem only logical to conclude that this process would not only be subjected to this planet only. Thus, the word speaks of advanced, wise old souls that have reincarnated from other planets, galaxies, universes, realms, and dimensions all throughout our observable omniverse. The most well-known of these are that of the Arcturian, Pleiadian, and Reptilians, but for the purpose of this article, we are going to focus on that of the Hathor or Venusian Starseeds.

What we find in the case of the Venusians is a group of very loving and benevolent beings of the likes of ancient Egypt. The word Hathor itself which they are also commonly referred to as means love itself. This name is derived from the Egyptian Cow Goddess Hathor, who embodied unconditional love, compassion, fertility, motherhood, and other aspects of the divine feminine. As with the Sirians, Pleiadians, Arcturian, and many other Starseeds, they were here hundreds of thousands of years ago to assist humanity in its development, especially in the times of ancient Egypt. Carrying all the characteristics of Hathor, these Starseeds are here to bring, usher, and anchor in more feelings of love and compassion.

This is part of their ultimate mission, in addition to helping other Starseeds and all of humanity in their spiritual awakening, as well as in their ascension into the five-dimensional state of being, and to the new earth. Their capacity for love is one of their greatest qualities and goes unrivaled, and they permeate this unconditional love for all. The Venusians are also divine healers, both at the individual and planetary levels because of many of their innate qualities, and as such, they were with sound and frequency healing, as they do with many of the arts. These are the types of individuals that you could expect to find in art, music, and other recreational therapies.


What we typically find in the case with most Starseeds is a trend where their origin point in the cosmos is very similar to their name. This is somewhat accurate in that it is believed that there are some that had their origins in Venus, with the thought being that it was at one time habitable. That being said, there is another more accepted thought that the Venusian homeworld is to be actually found in another universe in our vast multiverse. There is a portal in the Sirius constellation that is leveraged by other galactic entities, and it is here that Venusians return to what they call home.


Ø Spiritual in nature

Ø They radiate love and compassion

Ø Drawn to metaphysics

Ø Interested in natural healing and holistic practices

Ø Attracted to the arts

Ø Gifted in the area of music

Ø Very sensitive and intuitive

Ø Exceptionally creative

Ø Affinity with and inclined to be in nature

Ø Gentle caregivers

Ø Live in brain heart coherence between heart, mind, body, and spirit

Ø Have intense dreams and can have a knack for interpreting them

Ø Sensual with an appreciation of the somewhat exotic in life

Ø Tend to be tall, slender, and beautiful

Ø Can have difficulties in their love lives as a result of struggling to dedicate themselves to one partner

Ø Have an affinity towards ancient Egypt

Ø Connected with the universe and their spirit guides

Ø Love astronomy, astrology, and the night sky

Ø Unique auric signature

Ø Fascinated by conversation about extraterrestrial life

Ø Free-spirited

Ø In tune with their divinity


Not much is known about what the Venusian look like. What is known, is that like many of the other Starseeds, they are humanoid in their appearance. What else is commonly associated with the Hathor is a balance of masculinity and femininity as they are androgynous. That, and they are also well-known for their great height, standing at some ten to sixteen feet tall. They are also known for being extremely slender, and beautiful beyond comparison.








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