Ascended Teachings: A Guide to Merkabah and Unlocking the Divinity Within

Aaron M. Weis
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Most, if not all of us are familiar with the prophetic illustrations of apocalyptic proportions as is inherently found in the last book in the New Testament, The Book of Revelations of St. John the Divine. With its vivid symbolism of the four horsemen, the sword from the mouth of Jesus, the seven trumpets of command, and the likes, the book which was a vision given to Saint John, is perhaps the most prophetic book of the New Testament, often used as a reference point for apocalyptical works like that of Stephen King’s, The Stand. Interestingly enough, the book that describes the end of days is the only work in the Bible that offers it’s reader a blessing in reading it, as is found in the verse, “Revelation 1:3: “Blessed is the one who reads aloud the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear it and take to heart what is written in it, because the time is near,” which is offered alongside six others blessings within this particular book. We see an interesting consequence of the book, in that throughout ages, whenever things seem bleak, and we seemingly lose hope in our humanity, which may say a lot about the human condition in and of itself, the masses take to quoting scripture from this very book, believing that the end is neigh. It is a very interesting revelation indeed that the book we seem most fascinated by is the one pertaining to the end of times.

But what of the prophetic equivalence as found in the old testament; what was it, what was its message, and more importantly, what can we learn from it, especially in this current social environment we find ourselves with a movement defined by a spiritual awakening, and ascension into higher states of consciousness? In closely examining these questions, we find that the answer is that we can learn quite a lot.

To begin with, we can make a strong argument that the prophetic equivalent of the Book of Revelations as found in the Old Testament, is found in the case of the Book of Ezekiel. What we find in this instance, is that of another exemplification of an individual given visionary insights regarding the future, and all that it holds. To summarize, the vision of the future given to Ezekiel foretold of the reconstruction of the new earth back, in an apparent return to Eden. As God reveals his presence to Ezekiel, in what is also known as, The Prophecy of Ezekiel, he makes it known to his Priest the ways in which Jerusalem and it’s Temple will be the restored, as well as his intentions for sending his son in Jesus Christ to save us from our sins, along with other insights into the future he has in mind for all of mankind. However, perhaps the most integral part of this rendering is found in the context of how this scripture is commonly referred to as, God and his Chariot, and it is through this lens that we find the scope for this particular article.

From this vantage point, arguably the most important message that is conveyed to Ezekiel is God’s promise of a new heart, and a new spirit, as is found in the verse, “I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh;” essentially, it is a promise of spiritual regeneration. In order to give even more context to this particular message, it should be noted that Ezekiel’s prophetic manifestation of God’s presence and of the promised land, was only made a possibility because of a certain kind of heavenly chariot. It is this central idea of a new spirit and heart, amalgamated with the notion of a heavenly chariot that gave birth to what is referred to as Merkabah Mysticism, and it’s associated precepts which we will examine in-depth, in a guide to Merkabah, and unlocking the divinity within.

What is Merkabah?

Much is revealed to us in the mere etymology of the word Merkabah, also spelled Merkaba, alone. This is found in the way that it has many different meanings and interpretations, and they all point back to Ezekiel, Merkabah Mysticism, and God’s and his Chariot. If we break the word apart it literally means light, spirit, and body. More specifically, we find that Mer, means light, whereas Ka, means spirit, and Ka, or Kah, means body. Upon further examination, we find that it also means, a thing to ride in, or cart, just as it means chariot in Hebrew, alongside with meaning throne of God.

Now, Merkabah is a divine force that we are all innately endowed with, but for a better understanding of it, one need look no further than to that of sacred geometry. Sacred geometry is something that is thought to be associated not only with the higher dimensions, more specifically, that of the sixth dimension, but also with that of the ascended masters, and none other than Archangel Metatron. In fact, it is believed that if you suddenly find yourself seeing shapes and patterns, and it is as if the universe is speaking to you in terms of these intricate designs, that it is a sign that the presence of Archangel Metatron, who is in charge of book overseeing the Akashic Records, as well as that of Merkabah activation, is very near to you.

We look to sacred geometry for this reason, because the form of this particular divine force, appears in the shape of two tetrahedrons overlapping each other, and pointing in opposite directions, with the tip of the first pointing to the heavens, and the latter pointing to the ground below us; think of it as a kind of three-dimensional star of David, and you pretty much have the idea. For the moment, bring your awareness to your breathing, and envisage this shape surrounding the essence of your being, with each tetrahedron spinning in opposite polarity to the other, the top half clockwise, and the bottom counter-clockwise, and you have just tapped into this powerfully divine force.

Here, we receive just a little more insight into the association here between sacred geometry and the Archangel Metatron who was Enoch, for Metatron, is also popularly known for what is referred to as Metatron’s Cube, a geometric configuration that is known for it’s healing properties, as well as revealing unwanted and more negative energies; think of it as a kind of protection charm, which in a way, it is. The most phenomenal aspect of Metatron’s Cube is found in the way that one can stare at the design consisting of a two-dimensional figure created from 13 equal circles with lines from the center of each circle extending out to the centers of the other 12 circles. Six circles are placed in a hexagonal pattern around a central circle, with six more extending out along the same radial lines, that countless geometrical shapes can be made out of this particular shape. Of interest though, is the way that if you look at the triangles at the center of it, their plane as day, is a two-dimensional rendering of Merkabah. It is a central part of its design, even while being fashioned with nothing more than circles and lines. Bearing these things in mind, we will now transition to another essential ingredient that helps us get a better grasp as to why this particularly mystical shape has been commonly referred to as Ezekiel’s wheel, by taking a close look at what is known as the light body.

The Merkabah-Light Body Connection

At a glance, this notion of a light body can seem equal parts vague, enigmatic, and flat out esoteric. To define it simply, it is the means, or vehicle, in which we use to rise or ascend from our human physicality or nature, in a return back to the source or creator energy. Wait a minute. Let us pause here for a moment, to process that. What we have here, is a vehicle, not just any vehicle, but a bodily vehicle, that allows us to return to the source. And God said unto Ezekiel, “I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh;” and through this means Ezekiel took God’s Chariot and made manifest the presence of God and the promised land, as well as visions and dreams of the future. Here we see why Ezekiel was worthy of such a chariot. He was given a vehicle that allowed him to traverse all the heavens, and all of time as he saw fit, and what he made manifest was the presence of God, a future where humanity is saved, all of the heavens, and a return to the promised land. That was his wish, that was what was written in his heart; not money, power, fame, women, knowledge, wisdom, but the presence of God, and a return to the promised land.

In extension with this sentiment, what we call the light body, is the totality of the human energetic field. This field is comprised of the aura and its comprising field, the higher chakra systems beyond the conventional seven grounded in the material plane. These energies that comprise the light body, transcend the lower density planes of the physical, emotional, and astral bodies. If the individual would like to think of it in scientific terminology, one could perhaps view it as a return to an individual’s ground state, or essence of zero-point energy, and the energy that surrounds them in the space around them. Similarly, we see this in the context of the electromagnetic field that encloses every individual, and that emits from their heart cavity. It is completely unseen to us, but it surrounds the individual in a powerful torus shape surrounding the body. This is essentially the same thing; it emits from our core, our heart center, just as there is a direct correlation with living a heart-centered life, and activating one’s Merkabah, in the same manner, that if one lives a heart-centered or core life, then the electromagnetic field or torus that surrounds them is stronger. And this by no means is the limit of what our body is capable of, as is evident in the case of what is known as a rainbow body, which is achieved when the individual learns to maintain a state of unconditional love. It is on these planes of existence that shaman’s, medium’s, quantum and energic healers, psychics, sages, and mystics work and operate at. They need the activation of both the light, or rainbow body respectively, as well as that of their Merkabah in order to traverse, and go deeper into the realm of spirit, which requires a perpetual harmony of the two.

The Divinity Within

It is perhaps on this level, that we arrive at the very crux of defining what Merkabah is, and what it means. It quite literally is the chariot of God. It is a light vehicle that has allowed sages, prophets, ascended masters, enlightened beings, to reach out into higher levels and realms of consciousness and existence; to sort of access the Akashic records if you will; remember all of this is associated with Archangel Metatron, who is the chief, or better yet, chief angel, responsible for them, and documenting everything that is and ever was in existence. This is extremely pertinent in the context of what is being referred to as the great awakening, both on the spiritual and conscious level, seeing as to how one cannot ascend without activation of their Merkabah. The ascension is a rise into these higher realms of existence, a rise into the astral, spiritual planes, and those above them, so it would only make logical sense that the individual would need this new spirit and heart that was given to Ezekiel that allowed him to do so, more specifically that of activating the individual’s light codes and body, as well as that of the Merkabah in order that they too may ride the chariot of God, and connect or return to the source. That after all should be viewed as the ultimate goal of the spirit or the soul. To return to the source in response to all that God and Christ Consciousness can become.

And here we find the very quintessence of Merkabah Mysticism. It was a movement founded on the teachings of Ezekiel, which were revered by many as the most mystical part of the entire bible. Building off of what is taught, it set out for individuals to endeavor to receive their new spirit and their new heart, to activate their light bodies, and with it their Merkabah, and to ride the chariot of God, as the Prophet Ezekiel did. And here it should be noted that both the light body and the Merkabah with it, are both divine forces that are accessible everywhere. We make common misinterpretations that these things are only reserved for the very righteous, or the divine, the enlightened, or to a very select few, and that it is as if they were sort of hand-selected or preordained to on some holy level to do so. Here we see, that we have completely missed the message of these divine and enlightened individuals. Most if not all of them came in the form of simple ordinary men. Ezekiel manifested these divine things in shackles of exile. Buddha who was next in line to inherit the throne consciously chose to rather seek a life of spirituality, of suffering, and of martyrdom, if it meant enlightenment and finding a cure to the maladies and suffering of humankind. Even God’s very own son, to whom we think we cannot compare ourselves to, even though he stated that if you believe, you can perform miracles greater than my own, was presented to us in the form of a lowly carpenter who had nothing, and that was born in a manger alongside sheep and other animals. God does this for a reason, and it is to show us that the average person, the commoner, the prisoner, the meek, humble, and the lowly, all have and can be divine, and to seek that divinity within. It’s no wonder that the meek will inherit the earth. We don’t ever find God looking out at the heavens, or looking in the church, or anything else that is provided in the external or material world. No, what we find is that when we turn inward, into ourselves, and look for how to find peace, love, and happiness within, so that we have it no matter what life has to offer us, it is there that we find God is within all of us, within our hearts.

Merkabah Activation:

So what happens when an individual activates their Merkabah and light body? In short, they have gifted the same abilities that were presented to Ezekiel. Here it should be noted that this is something that can be accomplished through meditation. Being associated with Archangel Metatron, Merkabah is a protective force field in a sense. The thought is, that once activated, an individual could walk through a battlefield, and reach the other side unharmed. Once in a great while, we get brief glimpses of this. There is one particularly profound video of an elderly woman, who stepping in her power, walks in the path of a group of tanks, and they stop in her sheer presence. In this way, it teaches us that there is nothing to fear, albeit of that of fear itself. Fear is the enemy, and unfortunately, it is what generates the power grid of the earth, or Gaia, at this time, but not for long. In the same way, through a Merkabah meditation, like Ezekiel, the individual is able to traverse all of time and space as they see fit. One could go back to the last supper and be witness to it, stop back to the time of Da Vinci and see the mastermind at work, or propel themselves into the future as Ezekiel chose to do. The interesting thing about this particular Merkabah meditation is that the individual can travel throughout space and time in this fashion, for any duration of time for that matter, but when they return, it would be at the precise time that they entered into said meditation. And there is no limit to it; one could journey to the ocean floor, or out to some location in space, say, the pillars of creation; anything that the mind could imagine is a possibility.

On this note, this is an important lesson to be revealed in that it speaks volumes to us about time itself. Through Merkabah activation, we see that time is much more malleable and flexible, existing as a kind of no-time, with infinite different timelines of what can and will happen. This is made apparent through us, in that God makes these revelations available to us in a dream state, and this gives us some context into why the bible is filled with passages speaking to dream interpretations. Through these passages, we can see that this is what God is trying to indicate to us. The dream state incorporates the astral or spiritual plane, beyond time itself. One idea on the issue is that it is a version of our multidimensional selves existing in higher states of consciousness. Each case of revelation is done in a dream state showing us the future, in the context of the present. Nearly no time has passed, but years and years of information are revealed. The same is the case for shamans or monks who receive insights by entering into a kind of trance, and it is the very same in the case of Merkabah meditation. It shows us that the veil of time, space, and reality, is very thin. To make a point I will make myself somewhat vulnerable, and share one of my own guided Merkabah meditation, which was one of the most intense meditations that I’ve ever experienced. Done to the sound of solfeggio frequencies, I did a guided Merkabah meditation. What I found, was that in it, I entered into a kind of dream state; at least it felt very much like a dream. In the dream, I experienced what felt like an infinite progression of what I would do when I came out of said meditation. It was like a groundhog’s day time loop, wherein each individual case, I ended the meditation at 4:44 p.m. and in one version, I went to the store, whereas in another I did some writing, and in another, I simply lounged around and did nothing, and so on and so forth. And what was particularly fascinating about this, is found in the way that when I stopped the meditation, the very first thing I did, was to check the time on my computer, and low and behold, it was 4:44. The reality is that I would go back into meditation and see if I could have another experience like it. But it revealed a great deal about time and consciousness. In any moment there are infinite timelines, where we can choose to study, go to work, read, meditate, and the likes, and what we call reality, is what we end up deciding in any particular moment.

Even so, perhaps the most important aspect of Merkabah activation is found in the context of our ascension into higher states of consciousness, seeing how one cannot access these planes without its activation. On that note, Merkabah activation can be achieved through a guided meditation of focusing or bringing one’s’ awareness to their breathing, while envisioning the previously mentioned double tetrahedron shape rotating around one’s body, just as it can be achieved in deep prayer. Although there are many meditation’s and prayers in order to do so, I will conclude this particular segment by recommending a wonderful book that describes the benefits and methodologies for Merkabah activation as found in, Metatron’s This is the Clarion Call: All You Need to Know, by R. Mackenzie.

A Brief Illustration from Popular Culture

Back in the ’90s a popular science-fiction movie, albeit somewhat dark in its nature, came out in the case of Hoffman’s Sphere, which was about a team of the most brilliant individuals being sent to the ocean floor to study a foreign artifact found there that contained a sphere. Symbolically, the movie and the sphere in it was about Merkabah. For those that aren’t familiar with the streaming platform Gaia, there is one series, called Initiations, where the host talks about Merkabah in various different contexts. One, which you might have seen advertised on YouTube, says, “Pleiadean ships appear in the form of a sphere because their Merkabah is moving very fast.” Do you see the picture emerging here? That is the larger trope and symbolism found in the movie.

In the movie, we see this, in that the scientist discovers that this sphere is a living thing. As Samuel L. Jackson notes as Hoffman points out that it reflects everything else in the room except them, that, “It must be a living thing for it chooses who and what it wants to reflects on. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like intelligence and consciousness to me.” What the movie centers on, is that these individuals discover that they can enter the sphere. In so doing, they discover that there is nothing inside it except for them, and not only that but after entering the sphere, they all begin to demonstrate the power of being able to manifest whatever it is that comes to their mind. The caveat, however, is that due to their current circumstances, they all begin to birth and bring into life their deepest most darkest fears; whether it is a poisonous sea snake, jellyfish, a giant squid, or a psychotic break, if it is an individual worry, it begins to become a reality on the ship. This is why Samuel L. Jackson made the comment that he did, they could have manifested anything, but they were all too worried about their survival to create for anything meaningful; they were choosing to reflect on those things instead, with their intelligence and consciousness. We see this theme and the symbolism of the Merkabah again in the movie's closing scene where Dustin Hoffman makes a long speech about the whole ordeal where he states, “We were the wrong hands. That’s the scary part, isn’t it? All three of us, relatively enlightened, ethical, and educated. We think of ourselves as good people. But when the Sphere gave us this power, what did we end up doing with it? Yes, we were given the greatest gift in the history of mankind. We were given this magic ball and it says: Imagine what you will and you can have it,” and we are so primitive, we have so many fears that we carry with us, that we manifest the worst in us rather than the best, and that ain’t going to change. Maybe we still have the power to manifest what we want at will, but we aren’t ready for it.”

The greatest gift is a sphere in this sense, it can also be viewed as the heart center, and it does do just exactly that in the form of the Merkabah. That being considered, there are two great prophecies. On the one hand, narrates hell on earth, the end of times, and all the fears known to man. The other is a man, who given some prophetic insight, saw in his heart the presence of God, the salvation of mankind, heaven, and the promised land. Both are available to you. Which do you choose to place your consciousness on, and reflect on? What is in your heart?

Interesting Facts on the Topic
In the topic of Merkabah, we receive a brief glimpse at how God and the universe use numbers to speak. It is truly remarkable that the word Merkabah makes its presence known in the bible a grand total of forty-four times. At a glance, that seems as if it is an insignificant feature. But is it really? The angel number associated with Archangel Metatron and Enoch who was him is that of 444, and whose meaning is that the presence of angels is near you. It is even more fascinating when you take into consideration the factors found in sacred geometry. Thirteen spheres and its sum lines make up Metatron’s cube, and the Merkabah within; thirteen circles making two oppositely facing triangles, who, when spinning fast enough, make one large perfect sphere. This is particularly fascinating when you consider that the sum total of thirteen when adding one and three together is four, which when combined with the the end of the forty-four references to Merkabah as found in the bible you get the 444 angel number of Archangel Metatron, a feature that would explain why the perfect sphere is thought to be a symbol of heaven and earth in the cosmos combined. It would seem that God and the universe are divine mathematicians after all. In a related manner, thirteen is not the negative thing we think it is, such as in the association with Friday the 13th. It is an extremely karmic number, more specifically coupled with the number 1, which speaks of new ideas and begins, speaks of an end to a karmic cycle, as an end, is a new beginning; just as it speaks of angels being in your presence as we touched on in the combination of one and three equating to four. However, in this context, the most important attribute is that it is a sign from the ascended masters, and your spirit guides you to remain positive. For this reason, Friday the 13th, was actually a very positive pagan day, for the potential for great manifestation, and we can think of Metatron’s cube and it’s Merkabah for that.

On an aside, seeing that Merkabah and Metatron’s Cube are related to that great Archangel, a quick few facts about this divine entity. Metatron is one of two of the Archangel’s who not only was an incarnated human due to their devotion to God; he was the incarnated form of the biblical figure in Enoch, but that also has a name that does not end as the other Archangels; Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Chamuel, etc. He is also remarkable due to his tremendous size in comparison to the other Archangels, and in the light that he is also arguably one of if not the most powerful angels; he is both Metatron and Michael, he is at God’s side, and he holds on to the Akashic record, just as he is associated with protection and healing which is also a power of Merkabah to which he is also related.

It should also be mentioned that the following characteristics are commonly related to the Merkabah symbol in Sacred Geometry. It is believed that this double tetrahedron symbol is associated with a combination of opposing energy in perfect balance such as that of the masculine and the feminine and that of the earth and the cosmos as we hinted at in it achieving a perfect circle. In the same way, it carries similar connotations as the union resulting in the activation of light and protection around your body that can transport your consciousness to higher dimensions. And finally, it serves as a reminder to us of the potential power we yield when we find balance and raise our vibrations, as we alluded to earlier.

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