Arcturian Starseeds — Reincarnated Beings from Arcturus

Am I an Arcturian Starseed and What Does That Mean?

Arcturian message to us — YouTube

In the literature and narrative of new age spirituality, a Starseed is a term that refers to an otherworldly being that has reincarnated here on earth at this time which is one that allows for tremendous and rapid spiritual development. These beings are the oldest of souls to whom are wise and advanced beyond their years. Their cosmic origins can be traced all throughout the multiverse in far off planets, galaxies, universes and even in the space between the veil of the higher dimensions.

These gifted souls have incarnated here in the three-dimensional plane of earth at this time to assist the collective and all of humanity in the process of ascension; a process that refers to a profound and even quantum leap in consciousness from 3D consciousness into 5D consciousness and created for what is referred to as a new earth as the planet itself as a conscious entity goes through this experience and goes through its own reincarnation process. By reincarnating on earth during this epoch of human civilization Starseeds aide in this process by bringing in and anchoring the energy, frequencies, and vibrations from these higher dimensions of being.

If the idea of reincarnation and past lives in the context of the afterlife is a reality, then this only makes logical sense. We live in a cosmos that operates under certain universal laws, whether it’s laws of motion, gravity, the cosmological constant, or even the doppler or Casimir effect respectively. Thus, reincarnation would not be limited only to the terrestrial three-dimensional planet in earth. Instead, one would have to expect that this process would be one that all sentient lifeforms are subjected to at any given spatiotemporal local. Of all such lifeforms, the Starseeds are brave souls and spiritual warriors to consciously choose to incarnate within lower and denser dimensions that are much harsher and hostile to assist in such a process. Either that, or they are extremely naïve and foolish.

There are a great many different types of noted and observed Starseeds. Of these, the Arcturians, along with the likes of the Pleiadians, Orions, Sirians, and Reptilians, are among those that are the most common and well-known. And the odds are that if you find yourself gravitating towards this dialog of Starseeds and Arcturians, or any other for that matter, than more likely than not you probably are one, searching and longing to know your cosmic origins.

The Arcturian Cosmic Address –

There are many ways that one can discover their cosmic or Starseed origins and heritage. Most of these approaches include noting the location of the stars and constellations of the stars at the time of one’s birth such as in an astrological natal chart. Even various native cultures could decipher one’s cosmic origins, or where they originated from out in the universe using the placement of the constellations during the time of an individual’s birth.

For those to whom are reincarnated Arcturians, all roads point to their originating from Arcturus, the third brightest star in the nights sky, and the brightest star in all the Boötes constellation. Arcturus and the Boötes constellation with it lie at about thirty-seven light years, or roughly 12 parsecs away from earth.

Another critical component in understanding the cosmic origins of these beings is in considering that this is a sentient lifeform that exists within the realms of and has a dimensional perspective operating at and between the fourth to sixth dimensional state of being. It cannot be emphasized enough how crucial this comprehension of dimensional perspective is not only in decerning where these sentient lifeforms originate from, but also in realizing our own place in the multiverse. In this way, we are only now just in our infancy.

By no other means than Einstein’s theory of relativity did we come to recognize that the space-time manifold acted as the fourth dimension, and it has only been in the last several decades that along with such ideologies brought forth by quantum physics, string and m-theory that we have come so far as to learn that there could be as many as eleven to twenty-six dimensions to our physical reality that are totally unperceivable unto us. Not very unlike the way that we rely so heavily on our eyesight to perceive the world around us when we only ever perceive approximately .0036 percent of the electromagnetic spectrum that constitutes for what is there. Most if not all these beings operate and function at state of being between the fourth and eleventh dimension.

In this dialog of their cosmic address, it is worth mentioning that while they are beings that operate within the fourth to sixth dimensional perspective, Arcturus houses societies and civilizations throughout the universe that are fifth to ninth dimensional. Part of this has to due with the way of their decision to leave Lyra to dwell in their current physical manifestation between the fourth to sixth dimension, although it is although believed that some might have come from the Andromeda galaxy.

As for the physical description of their world, it is thought that the planet is of a sort of opaque blue color which is not much unlike the color of some of their skin. In the same context their world has been described by some as a kind of swamp land. Not necessarily saying of the likes of Dagobah where Luke Skywalker found Yoda hiding, although that is the idea that comes to mind.

Another very interesting fact as it lends itself to this dialog is found in the context of none other than Greek mythology. The etymology of the word Boötes is Greek in its origins, meaning both bear and protector. It is one of the many reasons that it is believed that Arcturians act as guardians or protectors to earth and the other worldly realm. Similarly, it is also of particular interest because there is another thought that the essence of all souls through what is referred to as the Arcturian Energy Architecture in the process of death to rebirth in order that they are familiarized and made the more accustomed to a physical reality. From a similar train of thought it is also believed that this is why the Egyptian God Thoth is said to have a home in Arcturus.

Characteristics of Arcturian Starseeds –

Are you still not quite certain as to whether you are an Arcturian Starseed? That is, perfectly alright. As we slowly awaken to the universal truth that we are infinite and immortal spiritual being having temporary physical experiences we slowly come across the right information for ourselves in discovering our own personal truths. While the astrological natal charts are a great way of discovering our Starseed origins, looking at the various Starseed traits and characteristics and seeing which ones we most strongly identify with can also be a great way to start. Although, there should be a kind of cautionary disclaimer that we should not rely on that means alone. It is just a good starting point. A lot of the time what we see in this case, is that people strongly identify with the characteristics of several Starseeds, believing themselves to be hybrids and all other sorts of strange combinations of Starseeds when there is another logical explanation. For example, a lot of people will identify strongly with Arcturians, Pleiadians, and Sirians, believing themselves to be a hybrid of the three, when the beings known as the Avians as well as the Lyrans are responsible for seeding and creating for those societies. Just as relationship dynamics are another reasonable explanation. For instance, the Arcturians have a lot of dealings with the Pleiadians and the other previously mentioned beings. In any case, provided below is a list of some of the more common Arcturian Starseed traits. As a starting point, look to see if any of the below registers and resonates within and then try and do the personal work to intuit the rest. It is a spiritual journey for us all, so don’t rush, and just know that every journey is unique to each on their own personal level.

Arcturian Traits and Characteristics:

Ø Natural healers

Ø Profound understanding of energy and how to work with it

Ø Empathetic/Empaths

Ø Relate as the black sheep of the family

Ø Innately draw to the night sky, stars, astronomy, astrology, and extraterrestrial beings

Ø Fascination with scientific endeavors such as physics, as well as sacred geometry, metaphysics, paranormal activity, and philosophical questions

Ø Ability to leverage sacred geometry, shapes, sounds, and colors to manipulate, change, and alter time, space, and states of beings. They shift and move through space in this way and are interdimensional travelers and communicators

Ø Extremely intelligent — deep and abstract thinkers who understand the bigger picture

Ø Strong and vivid memories

Ø Highly sensitive souls to all the five senses — there is a belief that the reason that there are so many autistic souls being born in its relationship with star children and star seeds is because they are these new incarnate beings

Ø See geometric shapes in everything; even when they shut their eyes

Ø Might have synesthesia

Ø Drawn to ancient civilizations

Ø Interested in creating the future of earth whether that is infostructure changes, creating for sustainable energy, or solving overpopulation in new living models — the rebels that create for paradigm and pedagogy shifts and changes

Ø Strongly opinionated

Ø Demonstrate having lower blood pressure as well as body temperature

Ø Strong desire for spirituality from an early age, and are known to get frustrated if they can’t or if this is stunted in any way

Ø Creative

Ø Travelers

Ø Good advisors

Ø Sometimes reclusive and do not like to have close relationships with others

Ø Detached from the status quo and known to challenge it

Ø Great at public speaking and excellent communicators

Ø Interested in deconstruction and figure out how things work, and the why of things

Ø Natural leaders

Ø The most intense desire to learn

Ø Love to look at the mathematical and scientific side of spirituality and seek out the relationships between them

Ø Fearless/ Not afraid of death

Ø Natural lie detectors

The Life Path and Mission of an Arcturian —

It doesn’t matter where one originates from. Most intelligent lifeforms contemplate their meaning and purpose in life. To be able to look out into the heavens and ask those great questions such as why am I here? As with most Starseeds, the Arcturian mission in life is to aide in the process of ascension into higher states of consciousness and into the new earth that is taking place currently. However, they are assisting in this purpose in their own unique way.

The best way to describe the life mission of an Arcturian is that of mastery over healing. In this way, the Arcturians are like the spiritual shamans of the universe. This is largely due to the way that they have become a spiritually mature society. As such, they have an astute understanding that the only options are that of being chained to the dogmatic process of continual reincarnation, or that of choosing ascension instead. And in likewise fashion, that in the case of reincarnation, that they should only ever do so in order to heal or to raise the consciousness of a collective. Like the civilizations of old, which they played a role in helping, they live their lives with some forethought of how it will move on into the afterlife. In this way, these are some of the oldest souls that are moving ever closer to becoming ascended masters themselves. In fact, it is believed that these beings work closely in the higher realms with the ascended masters to whom they refer to as Brotherhood of the All or the Fraternity of Totality.

It is also from this acute spiritual understanding that the overarching goal that Arcturians work towards in their dealings are centered around the law of one. From this perspective, the Arcturians are concerned with aiding in tipping the scales here on planet earth from service to self into that of service to others. At the same time, they endeavor towards this ends because of their insight into how largely the earthly grid and plane at this time is powered and controlled by fear, and through their works they hope to usher in more light from source energy and to transition us into living a heart centered life and to operate from a place of love as opposed to fear, which are really ever our only to choices; to receive and act on either love or fear.

As master healers, individuals that embody the constellation of Arcturus work together under the ambitious aim of healing earth or what is referred to in this spiritual community as Gaia. While this may seem like a lofty aim for most, for the Arcturian spirit this seems easily achievable. This is due in part because of the way that they know that if you heal and raise the vibrations of an individual that through a quantum process this heals and raises the vibration on a collective and planetary level, which in a domino like fashion goes on to affect the solar system, galaxies, and every other level of the universe. This is the process of ascension at a glance, and it is their main objective along with all the other Starseeds.

For this reason, we often find reincarnated Starseeds in positions that allow them to be the natural healers that they are. We find them in the case of shamans, quantum healers, energy workers, reiki masters, and all other roles of this similitude. To this end, Arcturians are known for working with patterns of sacred geometry, crystals, colors, sound healing, frequencies and tuning, template clearing, and almost all other mediums of holistic healing. If you yourself or someone you know works in this capacity with trauma survivors or any other person for that matter that needs help in their healing process, the odds are you are or have met an Arcturian Starseed.

It is also worth mentioning that this is not the only way in which the Arcturians are aiding in the process of ascension and healing the earth in the transition to the new earth currently. In the same way, it is by no means their only mission and life purpose. They are one of the most technologically advanced society known to the universe by virtue of their wisdom as some of the oldest souls. As such, Arcturians are also incarnated on earth as protectors to our people as we go through this transitional stage, protecting us from the likes of the Reptilians, Zeta Recticulans, and other more malicious beings that are taking advantage of, and manipulating us here on planet earth, in order to maintain our current grid and pedagogy that keeps us in a low vibrational state of fear, anger, primitive and primal survival, and other more base feelings which they in fact feed off of. Also, with their technological knowledge, they are also here to help us in developing new technologies that will allow us to accelerate our own spiritual development. In observing the life mission of the Arcturians perhaps they most important lesson that we can come to learn from them is the fact of how it is love that is the vital ingredient that allows us to dwell in the fifth dimension and in higher states of being, and how this is achieved by not only overcoming fear and guilt, but by exchanging these lower base energies for love, light and compassion.

Arcturian Features and Appearance –

The Arcturian being are some of the most beautiful in all the universe, although that is admittedly an opinion. They can be either short or tall much as we can be. In terms of body form and figure they are humanoid in their stature. That is that they, ‘stand,’ on two feet, are bimodal, and have oscillatory arms that swing at their sides as we do. There is the caveat, however, that they are not physical and are etheric in their form. Because they are not physical beings, they do not reproduce like other physical lifeforms, but rather, this is achieved by a kind of natural mind link. Arcturians are also known to be blue, purple, and while in their appearance. Of these, blue is most associated with them. In addition, the Arcturian Starseeds are known for their magnificent and almond shaped eyes, as well as their strong and finely define bone structure and characteristics. They also have very distinguishable, protruding and rounded crowns to their heads.

Materials for Arcturian Starseeds -

Arcturian Activation:

Arcturian Upgrade:

Books For Arcturian Starseeds:

Divine Architecture and the Starseed Template: Matrix Memory Triggers for Ascension by Magenta Pixie

Journal of a Starseed: Discovering the Real World by Charis Brown Malloy



Aaron M. Weis is an online journalist, web content writer, and avid blogger who specializes in spirituality, science, and technology.

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Aaron M. Weis

Aaron M. Weis is an online journalist, web content writer, and avid blogger who specializes in spirituality, science, and technology.